Term And Condition

Term And Condition

1. The parents are expected to share all information regarding their ward as truthfully so that the SFT can design a training programme that enhances their vocational & independent living skills.

2. The parents are responsible for providing medicines and medical supplies the student requires in adequate quantity during association with SFT

3. Any change in medication has to be reported in writing and should be accompanied by a medical prescription and is the responsibility of the parent.

4. All the gadgets like ipad, headphone, mobiles etc must be properly labelled and have protective covers

5. Parents or other family are welcome to visit the trainee or facility but they are not to do so without the approval of the Director.

6. The meal and diet requirements or restrictions have to be carefully shared by the parents

7. The parents are part of the training programme and it is mandatory for them to attend the monthly review meeting via virtual medium.

8. The travel expenses and arrangements to the Training facility and back home are to be made by the Parents.

9. No resident will be allowed to leave the premises with anyone other than the parent without a written authority letter.

10. Parents are not to give any tips to the staff at SFT, you can show you’re appreciation for their efforts by contributing to the employee welfare fund.

11. Respectful behavior is expected from the parents towards all employees at SFT. No bullying and verbally abusive behavior will be tolerated towards the staff.

12. In the unlikely case of a complaint against any staff member parents are to report the incident and trust the team to make a fair inquiry and report back within 24 hours.

13. The SFT reserves the right to use pictures and videos of the trainee for educational purpose and promotion of SFT programmes.