Future Plan

Enabled Living - The community living facilities.

SFT’s core effort is to provide the answer to the concerns of parents and the neurodiverse young adults of what will happen when the parents have passed over. We at SFT are proactive and have taken the first step in training in ‘independent living skills’

Further, the Enabled Living Solutions is a parent initiative where the parents facilitated by SFT will be a community living project which will be provide various levels of assisted living opportunities. The project will have the following 3 divisions :

1. Service Apartments – single bed room units

2. Buddy Apartments – Twin sharing 2 bed room units

3. Bungalows – 3 bedroom apartments where the parents can also stay

These will be fully managed by SFT and will have common facilities and amenities like leisure centre; mess; medical room.

Assisted Employment Projects – SFT team is diligently working towards establishing at least 3 more corporate supported Assisted Employment Projects. These will allow SFT to offer employment to neurodiverse youth and increase our employment rate by minimum 25%.

The areas we are seeking more partnerships are -

Food services
Corporate Gifting
Digital work

Inclusive Ecosystem – To reach out to school children as they are the future leaders and inclusivity has to be mindset that is inculcated early. SFT will sensitize

10,000 school children – through sensitization workshops and events Inclusivity requires peer support and SFT Youth programme will reach out to

10,000 youth – through sensitization workshops and events Inclusivity requires opportunities – Corporate trainings

30 corporate inclusivity events

Accessibility – Focus is ensuring commute accessibility

SFT will actively work in improving access to public transport for the neurodiverse youth in Delhi NCR and Palwal. Specific focus will be on training your students but also working with the service providers so that long term sustainable solutions can be worked out.

SFT Roar

Roar to establish regular kiosks in 4 corporates and ensure are sales triple

International Art & Cultural Exchange programmes

One week stay and learn exchange programmes with international NGO’s

INational Talent Hunt Event

SFT Triumph – Awards & Felicitations for neurodiverse employees / Self advocates

SFT Outreach – Community Programme

SFT Outreach – Community Programme